Wild & Holy Truth 4 Day Challenge

"Living Your Truth" doesn't have to be complicated. 

Yet, it's the #1 thing that will set you free!

Ready for more freedom?

Join me for 4 Days of easy, peasy truth telling assignments that will help you show up braver & show up truer so you can live your truth in the world!  



Your truth isn’t to live by someone else's rules or someone else's standards. Your truth calls you to expand into your fullest, most vibrant, most authentic expression and know that you're enough. Reclaim the narratives that are keeping you from knowing who you truly are, why you're here, and why you're THE ONLY ONE who can make the impact you're here to make. I’ll teach you how on Day 1!


It isn't just about knowing your truth, but also learning how to trust it. Trusting yourself is perhaps the MOST necessary component to start living an authentic life and to seek your own wisdom first instead of looking outside of yourself for answers. But more than that, self-trust builds confidence and conviction, which lead to courage! I'll teach you how to trust yourself more deeply on Day 2!  


Ready for soul level knowing that blows mere confidence out of the water? Imagine believing so wholeheartedly in who you are and what you’re here to do, that you feel unshakeable in your truth and that anything is possible and available to you! I’ll teach you how to own your truth that leads to brave action on Day 3! 

Who's Leading this Wild Ride?

I'm glad you asked! I'm Megan Hale, former psychotherapist, spiritual life coach, and founder of Wild & Holy™, a vibrant community of soul seekers and truth tellers doing their Holy work in the world.  

It's my personal mission to help you find your truth and LIVE IT by becoming your wildest, fullest, bravest expression. Get ready for a powerful 4 days of truth, trust, and transformation!