IT'S TIME! To take everything up a notch.  

To dial your magic all the way up!  

And do it with more ease and more trust vs. more struggle and more doubt (AMEN)!  

Because real talk: business isn't always going to be easy, but that doesn't mean more ease can't be part of the plan! The secret sauce? >>> Show up! WHOLE HEART. FULL SELF. ALL IN. Because I know you know that incessant feeling when you aren't bringing your full self to the table. And I also know all the magic that happens when you do!  

✔︎ You make more money  

✔︎ Start to feel more confident, and  

✔︎ Instead of admiring women who are where you want to be, you start elevating yourself to stand beside them.  

This is Wild & Holy Weekend, Sister! Where every permission you've been waiting for is already being written because this is what Wild & Holy Weekend is all about 🙌🏼🍾 Get ready!  

Wild /wīld/ (adj.): Embodying one's true self unapologetically  

& /and,(ə)n/ (conjunction): The beauty, power, & permission of being BOTH/AND  

Holy /ˈhōlē/ (adj.): Whole woman, sacred, ENOUGH  

Weekend /ˈwēkˌend/ (n.): Four days & three magical TX nights that will change the way you show up in your life, business, and bank account because we'll be diving into... 

MONEY, MINDSET, & MOMENTUM with the actual "HOW" to make it happen!

Or in other words:  

✔︎ How to increase your revenue through meaningful money,  

✔︎ Infuse your mindset with unapologetic commitment,  

✔︎ Create reliable revenue traction in your business that feels GOOD, and  

✔︎ Leverage your own gravity to pull your dreams to you vs. hunting them down cave-woman style although I'm sure you look "fetch" in faux fur ;)  


  • Is your personal getaway to get deeply aligned and grounded in ease.
  • To come home fired up and crystal clear and feeling oh-so-refreshed to take that next leap.
  • To take up space in a whole new way & create income momentum that offers a long-term foundation for stable, scalable, sustainable growth!



Money is more than just shifting your mindset and hoping for the best. To make more, there has to be an actual plan in place that doesn't require you to sell your soul in order to make it happen. And this is coming from someone who believes deeply in the inner work!  

Yes, we'll dive into the beliefs that are keeping you from hitting your revenue goals, but we'll take it a step deeper and look at your business structure and how it's supporting you (or limiting you) from actually making bank.  

We'll tap into the core beliefs that are preventing you from having the beautiful love affair you've been craving & we'll also anchor your money goals in mindfulness and meaning.  

We'll dig into your personal relationship with money, how it's showing up in your relationships, and more importantly, creating loving boundaries around money that helps you receive more of it & feel good while doing it!  


The difference between those who create a business they love and those who create a street fight with their dreams is more than just self-belief and positive affirmations. It's about knowing how to get unstuck when the stuck shows up and leveraging a whole new level of embodiment that helps you elevate who you're being. Who you are trickles down to what you do (and more importantly don't do) to step fully into your vision.  

Mindset is much more than just the thoughts we have or the beliefs we hold, but also how we manage our energy by taking radical responsibility for it, how we own our greatness & implement boundaries to protect it, and how we find our way back to our truth when we get knocked out of it. Because we will get knocked out of it. That's human!  

That's why we'll be diving into mindset transformation mixed with boundaries & energetics because mindset without embodiment is like reading "The Secret" and waiting for your dreams to come knocking at your door. We don't wait to become. We intentionally step into our next level of self with the mindset & energetic support to go with it!  


I know you secretly covet your friends' business journey who scaled effortlessly to multiple six figures barely breaking a sweat while you're still trying to figure out what the heck she did that you're not doing because you're both equally talented. Just me?  

Two things to know: 1. You're not doing it wrong. 2. There's just one BIG piece that's missing.  

Momentum doesn't just happen. It's planned for. So if you want the kind of business that feels like a rocket ship heading straight to the stars, it's one part business structure, one part marketing strategy, and one part leveraging your magnetism to make it all happen.  

Momentum is like tapping into kinetic energy where your business starts to drive itself and all you have to do is steer. But momentum doesn't happen by following someone else's blueprint. It comes from leveraging their knowledge + your wisdom and making it all your own!  

Which is why we'll talk about magnetic marketing that stands in your values, sustainable profit stacking to minimize income gaps, and how to think long-term, but focus short term and start creating traction with ease.  



April 11th-14th


Gruene, TX


More Money, Mindset, & Momentum 

Or more specifically, 

  • I know you have more earning potential you're ready to step into, but I also know you're not willing to compromise your values to do it.
  • You're ready to scale your business, but want grounded growth vs. feeling like you're riding the hot mess express all the way to the bank.
  • You want to leverage more ease - and not just talk about it, but actually make it a non-negotiable for how you do life & business.
  • And if you're my people, you know the importance of blending your intuitive knowing with actual strategy.